Wishes et council

My dear friends,

After the intense pace of the year, I have the honor to communicate to you the composition of the WSLO office for 2017-2019

I thank you all for participating in this office and I trust the work that each of us will bring to the scientific community. Our mission is to promote lingual orthodontics in 5 continents. We now have a Society on the African continent: the TSLO (Tunisian Society of Lingual Orthodontics).

We will continue the work of our Past Presidents, and prepare for the future:

• First of all the next Congress, the 8th WSLO, chaired by Pablo Echarri in Spain in Barcelona on 4-6 July 2019.

• then the 9th Congress in Kyoto, Japan, which will be chaired by our friend Ryuzo Fukawa.

• by developing more the inter-connection between the different world companies by a more important communication between the companies.

I have chosen the members of the council:

• Vice President: Dr. Ryuzo Fukawa Japan, Japan

• Secretary: Dr. Skander Ellouze, Tunisia

• Treasurer: Dr. Jung-Min Heo, Korea

• Director of Information Communication: Dr. Young-Gyu Lee, Korea

• International Relationship Relations Assistant: Jessy Aksar, France

I ask our friend the director of information and communication to insert on behalf of all the greetings for 2018:

All of the members of the WSLO have a wonderful year 2018 of the world of orthodontics, and the  aficionados of lingual orthodontics.

To all of you, please send Dr. Young-Gyu Lee(info@wslo.org) a photo of you for the WSLO website under the heading council.

I remain attentive to any suggestion, correction that we must make to the web site, and thank you.

I wish you a happy Christmas and a future 2018 year of excellence.


Best Regards,


Jean-François LECLERC