WSLO General Assembley Report 2017

WSLO General Assembly

Arnoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

June 30, 2017

Members present:


Asif Chatoo, Cem Caniklioglu, Chiori Hashiba, Didier Fillion, Gi-Sun Bae, Giuseppe Scuzzo, Guanying Wu, Hee-Moon Kyung, Ichiro Aizawa, Isao Matsuno, Jean-françois Leclerc, Joji Tsubaki, Joong-Ki Lim, Jung-Min Heo, Kyoto Takemoto, Meng-Chang Wu, Meng-Yu Lin, Min-Hsien Lan, Miroslava Dinkova, Pablo Echarri, Ricardo Gallardo, Ryoon-Ki Hong, Ryuzo Fukawa, Sang Hwan Joo, Seong-Min Bae, Shinichi Umeki, Soo Hwan Kim, Takeshi Nakajima, Toru Shigeedam, Yeon-Bum Choi, Yoon-Ji Kim (31 members)


Apologies: No apologies received


1. Report from last meeting in Seoul, 2015


Dr. Ryoon-Ki Hong reported that the last meeting was successful with 367 participants, 20 keynote speakers, 40 oral presentations and 16 poster presentations.


2. Financial report


The WSLO treasurer Dr. Jung-Min Huh has reported the finances from January 1, 2016 to June 12, 2017, and the current balance is $ 49,482.92.


3. Bylaws revision


The Administrative committee has reported 4 revisions that had been passed through the online votes of Active Members. However, as the current WSLO Bylaws does not have the article that allows to have an online vote, members in the general assembly suggested that the online vote system should be passed in the general assembly first. Therefore, members requested for a vote for implementing the online voting system. The online voting system for urgent issues have been proposed, but the proposal was rejected (15 members: against the online voting system/ 12: agreed on the online voting system). Therefore, the proposal was rejected, and the revisions made through the online votes were void.


The new votes were for the following issues were done:

I.               Retaining Active Membership

The revision of the article regarding retaining membership was rejected (13 members voted for: must attend every 2 meetings, 14 members voted for: must attend every 3 meetings)

à Active Member must attend a meeting at least every two meetings to retain active membership


II.             Membership Fees

First, there was a vote for having an annual membership fee vs a lifetime membership fee.

Everyone agreed on the lifetime membership fee.

Second, there was a vote on having different amount of lifetime membership fees depending on the year of active membership acquisition(because some people have paid annual fees). As a result, 21 members agreed on having the same lifetime membership fee, while 9 voted for having different amount of membership fees.

à Therefore, we have decided to have the same lifetime membership fee.


Then, the amount of membership fee was decided.

17 members agreed on $500

6 members agreed on $700

5 members agreed on $1,000.

àThe lifetime Active Membership fee was decided as $500. The payment is due on October 31, 2017 for all the present Active Members (including newly-approved members in 2017), and it will be October 31 of the same year for new members who pass the active membership exam at each WSLO meeting.

*For members who have already paid $1,000, a refund of $500 will be made by the treasurer.


Finally, the proposal to revise the bylaw regarding the amount of national or international associations was reviewed. According to the bylaw, the fee had a range of $1,000-5,000 depending on the number of members. However, it was proposed that the amount be fixed to $1,000. Everyone agreed on the proposal, and the revision was made.

à The Membership Fee for the international or national associations: $1,000








Proposed Revisions



3. Must attend a meeting at least every two meetings.

3. Must attend a meeting at least once every 3 meetings.

Must attend every two meetings



ii. Active certified Members: Subject to the following, the annual dues for active Membership shall be $275.

ii. Active Members are subjected to a lifetime membership fee.

Active Members who have been certified until 2011: $500

Active members who have been certified after 2011 (from 2013 WSLO meeting): $1,000

Same lifetime annual fee of $500 due on Oct 31, 2017


iii. International or National association: $1000-5000 depending on the number of Members.

iii. International or national associations: $1,000 regardless of the number of members

$1,000 for all associations


Amendments can be voted by a 2/3 majority vote of the active Members attending the General Assembly.

Amendments can be made by a 2/3 majority vote of the Active Members attending the general assembly, or by online vote.

No online votes


4. Approval of new affiliated national societies


Taiwan association of lingual orthodontist

Asociación Peruana de Ortodoncia Lingual APOL


5. Future Presidency


The next WSLO President elected is Dr. JF Leclerc. 

The successor will be Dr. Ryuzo Fukawa, voted by the WSLO members unanimously. 

There were no other candidates nominated. 


6. Next WSLO Meeting


Dr. JF Leclerc informed the assembly that the next WSLO meeting will be held in World Trade Center, Barcelona, Spain in 2019. The website address is “”


Meeting closed.