The amendment of the bylaws has been closed.

 Dear Founding Members of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics,

 Since the launch of the new committee, we have reorganized the Active Member listings and accounting regarding annual fees, and renovated our website. Unfortunately, some of the information on the Active Member list and the record of annual fee payments were missing, and we have had much difficulties in operating the society.   Therefore, in our efforts to operate the WSLO in a practical and effective manner, the Executive Committee has decided to amend the Bylaws after consulting with the founding members. We have sent email questionnaires to all of the Active Members regarding the revisions of our Bylaws, and I would like to present the results.  
 The first amendment about requirements to retain the active membership, 96.1% agreed with the amendment that requires attending the Congress meeting from every 2 meetings to every 3 meetings. 
 The second amendment about the membership dues, 81.6% agreed with having a lifetime membership fee. 
 The third amendment about membership fees of the international and national lingual orthodontics societies, 93.4% agreed with the amendment.
 The last amendment allowing online vote for revisions in the Bylaws was accepted in 98.7% of the responders. 
 Based on the online vote results, I would like to ask for your understanding in abiding with the proposed revisions. 

Hee-Moon Kyung