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WSLO Active Membership payment list ( sorted by country and last name)

Dr. Nour Eldin Tarraf, Australia

Dr. Eduard Pumpel, Austria

Dr. Valter Ossamu Arima, Brazil

Dr. Miroslava Dinkova, Bulgaria

Dr. Ricardo Gallardo, Chile

Dr. Guanying Wu, China

Dr. Baohua Xu, China

Dr. Jessy Askar, France

Dr. Jean-françois Leclerc, France

Dr. Magali Mujagic, France

Dr. Martine Philippart, France

Dr. Hatto Loidl, Germany

Dr. Christian Schmidt, Germany

Dr. Maria Antonietta Lucci Italy

Dr. Maria Giacinta Paolone Italy

Dr. Lucia Rotolo Italy

Dr. Ichiro Aizawa Japan

Dr. Koji Amino Japan

Dr. Taiju Aoki Japan

Dr. Komei Asai Japan

Dr. Masayuki Chujo Japan

Dr. Hiroki Fujita Japan

Dr. Shinichi Fukasawa Japan

Dr. Ryuzo Fukawa Japan

Dr. Yasuhiro Hamanaka Japan

Dr. Ogawa Haruya Japan

Dr. kaori Hidaka Japan

Dr. Tadataka Ikeda Japan

Dr. Yuriko Ikeda Japan

Dr. Toru Inami Japan

Dr. Fumitaka Isaka Japan

Dr. Tsuyoshi Ishikawa Japan

Dr. Masayuki Kagawa Japan

Dr. Iichiro Kameyama Japan

Dr. Keizo Kato Japan

Dr. Yukako Kawasaki Japan

Dr. Hitoshi Kobayashi Japan

Dr. Kohei Kodama Japan

Dr. Akira Komori Japan

Dr. Isao Matsuno Japan

Dr. Ryunosuke Matsushita Japan

Dr. Yutaka Momoi Japan

Dr. Manabu Nakagawa Japan

Dr. Takeshi Nakajima Japan

Dr. Hideo Noma Japan

Dr. Yasuhiko Odaira Japan

Dr. Takako Okatsu Japan

Dr. So Ozawa Japan

Dr. Yasuhiro Saito Japan

Dr. Akiyuki Sakai Japan

Dr. Yuta Sakurai Japan

Dr. Masatoshi Sana Japan

Dr. Toru Shigeeda Japan

Dr. Naoko Shimoda Japan

Dr. Tetsuya Shimoda Japan

Dr. Keita Shinozaki Japan

Dr. Kei Shiraishi Japan

Dr. Takahiro Shoji Japan

Dr. Yoshihide Suda Japan

Dr. Kyoto Takemoto Japan

Dr. Koji Tamagawa Japan

Dr. Joji Tsubaki Japan

Dr. Taichi Tsuchikawa Japan

Dr. Noriyo Uchiyama Japan

Dr. Takuro Ueno Japan

Dr. Shinichi Umeki Japan

Dr. Teruhisa Utsu Japan

Dr. Takashi Watanabe Japan

Dr. Hiroshi Yamada Japan

Dr. Tetsuya Yoshida Japan

Dr. Gi-Sun Bae Korea

Dr. Seong-Min Bae Korea

Dr. Hyung Jun Cho Korea

Dr. Yeon-Bum Choi Korea

Dr. Jung-Min Heo Korea

Dr. Ryoon-Ki Hong Korea

Dr. Jae Sik Hur Korea

Dr. Bong-Kyu Jang Korea

Dr. Sang Hwan Joo Korea

Dr. Chan Nyeon Kim Korea

Dr. Do Yoon Kim Korea

Dr. Moon-hwan Kim Korea

Dr. Soo Hwan Kim Korea

Dr. Yoon-Ji Kim Korea

Dr. Hee-Moon Kyung Korea

Dr. Ju-Young Lee Korea

Dr. Sangmoon Lee Korea

Dr. Joong-Ki Lim Korea

Dr. Sangho Noh Korea

Dr. Cheol-Ho Paik Korea

Dr. Young Guk Park Korea

Dr. Sehong Ryu Korea

Dr. Duck Young Yoon Korea

Dr. Germain Becker Luxembourg

Dr. Christian Drost Switzerland

Dr. Cheng-Tsung Huang Taiwan

Dr. Ming-Hsien Lan Taiwan

Dr. wen chen Lee Taiwan

Dr. Meng-Yu Lin Taiwan

Dr. Chiu-Mei Lo Taiwan

Dr. Hsi-Yao Wu Taiwan

Dr. Meng-Chang Wu, Taiwan

Dr. Yildiz Ozturk, Turkey

Dr. Asif Chatoo United Kingdom