Dear esteemed colleagues,  

 It is a great honour to serve as the 5th President of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO).

 All presidents since the creation of the WSLO World Society of Lingual Orthodontics have contributed to the international success and development of lingual orthodontics. WSLO, the world's lingual orthodontic society, brings together all the prestigious orthodontics lingual societies from every country on the 5 continents, and all the world’s experts in this fine discipline

 I invite every orthodontist to become an active member of WSLO, to be recognized worldwide, and to pass the WBLO World Board of Excellence Certificate.

 The upcoming biannual meeting is the 8th WSLO Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain, starting from the 4th of July 2019 until the 6th. Pablo Echarri, the Chairman of the 8th congress of WSLO, and all members of the orthodontic community through their participation, and leaders in this field will make this event a great success for the development of lingual orthodontics.

1979 ... 2019, lingual orthodontics will celebrate its 40th anniversary,
and also the 15th anniversary of WSLO

Dr. Jean-François LECLERC, 5th President of World Society of Lingual Orthodontics

 The pioneers: Doctors Fujita, Craven Kurz, Jack Gorman, Bob Smith, our mentors, encouraged us to believe in non visible orthodontics. Their disciples, through their faith and work, have generously shared their knowledge to widely disseminate the discipline of lingual orthodontics, and for that we are everyday grateful. Thanks to these aesthetes it is possible to offer our patients’ orthodontics treatments that are non visible, in a way that they cannot be perceived by others. It is magic. 

 The adult, the adolescent of the world community, overall humans, improve their self-esteem through the feeling of having a beautiful smile. Orthodontics is a medical science primarily and its primary purpose is to improve and restore functions such as chewing, digestion, breathing ... The purpose of orthodontics is to have a balanced occlusal function. The orthodontist, the architect of the face, by realigning skeletal, dental, soft tissue and bio physiological surfaces and volumes in the 3D, contributes to health, and restores the “Balance of the Smile”. Traditional orthodontics by visible braces or by clear aligners are obvious visual pollution that affects the patient’s self-esteem. This aesthetic benefit allows us all to better develop a culture of the harmonious construction of the smile. This is the great force of lingual orthodontics.

 Lingual orthodontics respects the academic laws of biophysics and physiological dental displacements. The digital age, under the management of the Doctor, helps increase the accuracy and quality of the results. Through digital technology we are leading the architectural construction of the smile’s beauty. Lingual orthodontics is a constant innovation. In this multicultural dimension of lingual orthodontics, we like to combine American hard work with French and Italian elegance as well as German rigor, added with Japanese and Korean search for perfection.

 In Barcelona, we will celebrate the magic of beauty. That combines biology, high-tech digital technology, metallurgy, plastics, as well as the well-being brought by practitioners to their patients. WSLO brings together this beautiful community of orthodontists, and I invite all my esteemed colleagues to promote with me the universal respect of diversity of thought and opinions, for the greater good of knowledge, and the advancement of this wonderful science. We will bring together all the aesthetic enthusiasts of dentistry, and interdisciplinary treatments of the five continents to debate and argue this question together:

Why lingual orthodontics?
With the World Society of Lingual Orthodontic, let’s all meet in Barcelona!

Jean-François LECLERC
President of the WSLO