Tunisian Society of Lingual Orthodontics become a new affiliated brach

Tunisian Society of Lingual Orthodontics (TSLO) became a new affiliated branch of WSLO. TSLO (Chairman Dr. Ahmed amine Chaabane) has 85 members, They held out first meeting in 2017 December and joined the new branch of WSLO in this time

WSLO welcome their entry. In the future, we hope to work together to advance the development of lingual orthodontics


WSLO 2019 pre-registration started


WSLO 2019


Pre-registration of WSLO 2019 started

Super early bird registration is available until April 10, 2018 and WSLO members can register for €250 . Early bird registration is through Feb 10, €290 , and the usual pre-registration is through June 10, and €340 . You can register at €400 for site registration. I hope you can register early and get lots of benefits. See you in Barcelona in July.

For more information, please refer to the wslo 2019 web page.